Government ID World - Secure Identity for Citizen Services and Protection | Sept. 24-26, 2018 – Marseille, France


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Update: July 6, 2018

DAY 1 - Monday September 24 Afternoon

2.00pm – 6.30pm: Opening Session | 3.50pm – 4.30pm: Coffee & Refreshment Break – Networking – Exhibition

Connecting the World with the New Privacy Reality
Heaven or Hell?
(Agenda preview: keep posted on updates)

Common to the co-located conferences forming Smart Security Week, the Grand Opening will be addressing the global move to put the consumer and citizen back in control of their data at multiple levels (citizen ID, customer ID, IoT devices ID, social network ID etc.).

This non-technical plenary session will explore both the latest privacy and data protection initiatives –policies, regulations, standards…– and their related societal and economic challenges.

On stage, several keynotes from high-level representatives of the EU, US, international organizations and other countries, as well as private sector representatives.

Day 1
24 Sep 2018
Jon Shamah

Welcome and Introduction

Part 1 – The Impact on the Citizen and Digital Society

● The end of “Nothing for Something”, how the Information Economy may start to pay its bills

● Consenting Adults? Weighing up the $ benefits of privacy

Day 1
24 Sep 2018

PANEL: Is it the end of the information-based “mega $ corporate”?

Despina Spanou, Director for Digital Society, Trust and Cybersecurity, European Commission
With Despina Spanou (to be confirmed)                  
Despina Spanou

Part 2 – The Impact on Service Providers and Government

● The era of the lost devices, too many end-points?

● Privacy breaches in Public Sector – who pays?

Day 1
24 Sep 2018

PANEL: The eternal debate – privacy or security? CCTV, Cyberwars, Politics and GDPR

Donna Dodson, Chief Cybersecurity Advisor and Executive Director CCoE, US NIST
Dr. Steve Purser, Head of Core Operations, ENISA
Dr. Angelika Steinacker, CTO for Identity & Access Management, IBM Security Europe
With Donna Dodson (to be confirmed), Dr. Steve Purser (to be confirmed), Dr. Angelika Steinacker (to be confirmed)
Donna Dodson
Dr. Steve Purser
Dr. Angelika Steinacker

Smart Security Week Innovation Live
2.00pm: Exhibition Opening

DAY 2 - Tuesday September 25

9.00am - 1.00pm: Break-out Sessions | 10.50 - 11.20am: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition

From National e-ID to Digital ID
Session Chair: Dr. Ilesh Dattani, Director, Assentian, UK; advisor, e-forum – European Forum for e-Public Services
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Sylvie Vandevelde

Taking Digital ID to Another Level

• The 4 trends of digital ID in 2018 and the key success factors to create a digital ID in a country
• How to create a strong collaboration between the public and private sector?
• Keeping pace with today’s digital transformation
• Use case of itsme: how private and public sector work together to create a unique digital ID

Magali Biron

The Way We Look at Identity Will Change

• We are still in the middle of a transition from the physical to a Digital Identity, it is an irreversible development going forward.
• Legislation is key
• Other conditions to speed up the acceptance of an e-identity: wide distribution, interoperability hub and trust
• The governments needs to provide the necessary enabling framework and create an open but regulated commercial cooperative network with the private industry

John Scott

A Zero Liability Network – Providing a Digital Assurance Platform for the Canadian Marketplace

• Benefits of the Zero Liability Network, a platform in which organizations can confidently transact with individuals without the need to maintain costly and inconsistent duplicative enrolment and onboarding technologies and processes
• Foundational components the Digital Assurance Platform based on the emerging Pan Canadian Trust Framework.
• Benefits for Canadian organizations and individuals

Building Future Government-Led ID Ecosystems
Session Chair: Dr. Ilesh Dattani, Director, Assentian, UK; advisor, e-forum – European Forum for e-Public Services
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Alexander Ristic

Identity 4.0 – Has Global Development Reached ‘Peak Blockchain Hype?’

• How to increase security on ID-Cards
• Implementation of Blockchain as end-to-end security
• Decentralized systems can ensure sensitive data
• Identity check on smartphone as an online service

Frederic Engel

All Of Me, Privately

• Requirements to delivering citizens with a digital ID scheme that facilitates their everyday life
• User enrolment “gamified”, frictionless Strong User Authentication, enforced Privacy-by-design
• First eID Cooperative platform for citizens’ everyday life and use cases

David Rihak

Guaranteed Smart Identity for an Efficient Digital Strategy

• Barriers and obstacles to the widespread adoption of eGovernment
• How to reshape the government into a functional, secure, convenient digital ecosystem
• Guaranteed Smart Identity as a universal concept for the public and private sector

1.00 – 2.00pm: Lunch – Networking – Exhibition | 2.00 – 6.45pm: Break-out Sessions | 3.50 – 4.30pm: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition

Mobile ID Challenges & Deployments
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
Randy Vanderhoof

The Mobilization of Government Identity

• Highlight successes and failures of 20 years of government identity in the USA
• Look at the challenges the USA faces to move secure credentials onto mobile devices
• Highlight examples of mobile derived credentials, mobile driver’s licenses, electronic
• What the future holds for mobile identity in the USA

Dr. Takashi Obi

Toward Realization of National Mobile ID in Japan

• Direction of National mobile ID introduction in Japan
• Post-introduction of Japanese PKI to telecommunications carrier UIM
• Introducing National mobile ID for iOS

Oksana Komardina

Electronic Digital Signature on Flash-Card as Prototype of Mobile ID Service

• How to launch successfully Mobile ID service if there are 2 standards inside the country (ECDSA and DSTU)
• Absence of Identity card among internal population
• On‐line tax declaration is the strongest case to use Mobile ID service
• Lack of interoperability of certificates among Certified Registration and Certificate Authorities

Gérard Martinez

Enhancing Government Services through Mobile ID

• Leveraging the digitization of personal biometrics & paper ID’s into a digital ID process
• Gov agencies/users ability to integrate multiple factor authentication for extra security
• Identity trust between individuals and governments in a digital environment
• Expected $50 billion dollars saving for governments by 2020 and net 1.09% increase in EU growth

From National ID to Derived Credentials
Day 1
25 Sep 2018
John Erik Setsaas

Document Forgery Prevention Using eSeals

• Preventing document forgery
• eSeals vs eSignatures
• Simple to use eSeals
• How the eIDAS regulation addresses the issues of electronic seals

Dr. Matthias Schwan

Designing and Implementing a “Mobile European Student Card”

• New Opportunities of eIDAS-Network for cross-border identification
• First experiences from German perpective
• Application example from CEF-funded project StudIES+: “mobile European Student Card” as derived ID on mobile devices

Antonio D’Albore

The Rise of Biometric Smart Cards for the ID Card Industry

• Concept for potential use of fingerprint scanner integrated in to a smart cards
• Addressing national ID practical issue about offline identification of citizen
• Cost reduction in implementation of National eID schemes
• Immediate citizen identification during emergencies, even by non-trained people

Gala Dinner

DAY 3 - Wednesday September 26

9.00 – 10.50am: Break-out Sessions | 10.50 – 11.20am: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition | 11.20am – 1.00pm: Break-out Sessions

Healthcare & Public Services Across Borders
Day 1
26 Sep 2018
Paolo Campegiani

Cross Border Exchange of eHealth Data in Europe: The Konfido Project

• How Europe provides cross‐border eHealth services to its citizens
• eIDAS to authenticate citizens accessing cross‐border eHealth services
• Blockchain as a logging mechanism
• The Konfido project: goals and initial results

Robert Kloots

Does a Pan .EU Healthcare ID Make Sense? (and How Could It Work)

• Facilitating cross border access to Personal Health Care (HC) data in a mobile way
• Use of various available building blocks, available standards and tools
• Loose coupling with Smartphone and Telecom Services
• Community based?

IDM & Privacy Protection
Day 1
26 Sep 2018
Mamady Konneh

National Identity Management System: A Pathway to a Cyber ID in Guinea Conakry

• The current identity management system in Guinea is negatively impacting the country in terms of economy and security
• Alternative by assigning a unique identifier to each resident in the country
• Case studies of implementing identity management systems in Kenya and Estonia

Benin Case Study

Alain Ducass

Digital Identity requires Data protection (Title TBC)

1.00 – 2.00pm: Lunch – Networking – Exhibition | 2.00 – 4.30pm: Break-out Sessions

Financing Digital ID for Development
Day 1
26 Sep 2018
Alain Ducass

(Title TBC)

End of the conference